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    Featuring the combined resources of Penton Media's six waste properties — including Waste Age and WasteExpo — is the place for waste industry news and analysis, online training and education, insight into best industry practices, and event information and registration. In addition to serving the professionals who make up the $75 billion solid waste industry, also provides large-scale generators of waste — such as retail centers, corporations, schools and universities and manufacturing plants — with information and insight on how to implement sustainability initiatives and most effectively manage their waste streams. Furthermore, is a site where individuals can learn about how to incorporate sustainability and "green" techniques into their lifestyles as well as find out about waste management and recycling resources in their communities.


  • Solid Waste Recycle

    Solid Waste Recycle Canada's Magazine on collection, hauling, processing & disposal

  • Environmental Expert

    Environmental Expert is a leading B2B marketplace, professional network & information resource that connects over 1,000,000 global environmental professionals from the industry, government and research & development sectors to more than 32,000 environmental companies & organizations that provide the products, services and information they need on a daily basis.

    Through our portal and suite of over 60 e-bulletins, we deliver an unmatched wealth of environmental industry information and resources to qualified buyers, like supplier listings, product catalogs, publications, events, articles, job postings, news & more.

    We provide suppliers of environmental industry products and solutions a myriad of online marketing services aimed at generating qualified buying leads, new customers & new markets.

  • MJMEnergy

    MJMEnergy is a long-established consultancy, training, and publishing company that operates throughout the world delivering highly professional services with a specific focus on commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the energy industry.

  • Interfax Europe Ltd

    Interfax Information Group, which has provided news and analysis for more than 20 years, presents Interfax’s Global Energy Services publications: Natural Gas Daily and Global Gas Analytics and our premium data content service EnergyHub - all available on Natural Gas Daily’s PDF publication provides global perspectives on natural gas news and events. Written by experienced energy journalists, news coverage includes global and regional political, regulatory, and economic issues that affect the industry. Global Gas Analytics is a monthly publication which provides detailed analysis and insight into the key factors driving gas markets and prices. At the core of the publication is a detailed, data-oriented examination of prices and fundamental supply-demand trends in four regions: Asia Pacific; Europe and Russia; Middle East and Africa; and the Americas.

  • Solid Waste Online

    Solid Waste Online has been a member of what today is--the VertMarkets community since 1997.

    SWOL’s mission is to be the preeminent source of product, technology, regulatory, and management information concerning waste handling and disposal from consumer, commercial, and industrial sources.

    Toward achieving their objective, the editorial, business, and production staffs of Solid Waste Online serve governmental, industrial, agricultural, and commercial personnel.

    Solid Waste Online is visited by thousands of industry professionals each week. Operators, technicians, engineers, researchers, business executives, managers, owners, and others--active or having an interest in improving operations involving solid-waste handling and disposal--are the beneficiaries of the resource that is Solid Waste Online.


  • Recycling Today Media Group

    The recycling of obsolete and discarded materials is nearly as old as humankind itself. While the Recycling Today Media Group (RTMG) does not go back quite that far, our commitment to the recycling industry dates back to 1963 when Recycling Today was founded as Secondary Raw Materialsmagazine. Since that time, we have been publishing an increasingly comprehensive trade magazine and have branched out to become much more than just one magazine.

    The RTMG is committed to meeting the needs of its readers by providing the most relevant and current business information to effectively manage their companies and meeting the needs of industry suppliers (our advertising customers) by ensuring they receive maximum exposure to the thriving recycling industry.

    And thriving the recycling market is. Today’s industry, driven by strong demand, is a truly global phenomenon. Consumers of recovered iron and steel, metals, paper, plastics and other materials ship their materials from one side of the world to the other. Recyclers of materials such as concrete, wood and mixed construction and demolition (C&D) debris operate more regionally, but learn best practices from around the world. Companies that manage information and the consumer product supply chain until end of life must all meet global standards whether operating in a regional or a worldwide market.

    This global marketplace means that industry managers must stay abreast of the latest market information and industry trends. That’s the reason our media products have grown to include print magazines, e-mail newsletters, Web sites, video hosting sites, directories and guides, deep industry databases and conferences.



  • Recycling International

    Recycling International magazine is the voice of the worldwide recycling industries. Our monthly magazine combines in-depth articles with latest news stories: from recycling technology and scrap market updates, to reports about individuals and major companies. Over the past 15 years, Recycling International has been regularly reaching tens of thousands of people working within the recycling industries. And you are welcome to join us on our website!


  • Yosef Ardi News

    YOSEFARDI BIZ covers the hottest issues in the following areas; Politics,finance, natural resources, industry, people and law.

    Supported by combination of experienced and young journalist, YOSEFARDI BIZ is committed to be an accurate and independent online newspaper. Our news will lead you to an updated information that can be used as your preferences for both local and international business.
    For more information, please visit

  • Mongolian Economy magazine

    Mongolian Economy aims to publish Mongolian economic, financial and business news truthfully, with the intention to educate the population on economics and finance. Our focus is to develop a standard of professional journalism that is independent from politics and outside economic influences. The magazine publishes bi-monthly (every 14 days) in both Mongolian and English languages.

    Telephone/Fax: + 976 7011 5476


  • NewsBase Limited
     NewsBase was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1995 by our Chairman Gavin Don and is still owned and run by the original investors. We are completely independent in thought, writing and actions.

    We consistently achieve an annual subscription renewal rate of around 86.4%, with many readers having subscribed to our Monitors for over 12 years.

    Our weekly publications cover oil and gas, unconventional resources, LNG, power, petrochemicals, renewable energy and the carbon market. They provide high-level commentary and analysis on developments in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, Russia and the rest of the CIS.

    Our worldwide staff produces the highest quality independent analysis and commentary on the global energy industry. The NewsBase Head Office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as news bureaux all over the world including: Atlanta, Lisbon, Melbourne and London. Website:


  • SWA Online

    SWA Online ( is a business portal that contains various information related to business marketing, management, CSR, corporate action, good corporate governance, business profiles (businessmen and professionals), personal investment, information technology, exclusive interviews with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), as well as research data.

    Not just the latest news, business information presented in SWA Online also contains about learning from the successful business, successful company, management, marketing, who creating success business, entrepreneurship, career development, and the success story of youngster on business.

  • Oil Maritime
  • Worldoils

    Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils' web portal has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.

  • EcoSeed

    Ecoseed, the Information Bridge to Tomorrow’s Economy.

    We are a leading source for global green news, finance, and other resources in delivering green and renewable energy to mainstream business.

    The green sector has grown in recent years from the foundations of advocacy into a cornerstone of the world economy. Sustainable development continues to transform from an ideology into a necessity. Business conducted in the green marketplace is expected to continue growing exponentially.

    Ecoseed’s mission is to provide global, complete, innovative, and up to date news, information, resources, and opportunities, catalyst to incorporate environmental awareness and responsibility into lifestyle, and in business practices. This world-wide platform is the place to find the latest and most relevant in-depth news and data covering the entire spectrum of the renewable energy industry and the low-carbon sector. is focused on bridging sustainability and the future it holds for the businesses community. Through value added services and features, our priority is to keep our readers informed of Green and Renewable Energy activities and development worldwide and, in essence, bridging readers closer to the emerging economy of Green and Renewable Energy.

    Either in keeping up with the latest or in search for more specific information and resources on Green and Renewable Energy, is the premier website for all your information needs. Combining Business and Green has never been made easier.

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  • 中国环境资讯网
    中国环境资讯网作为E时代环境资讯服务的专业媒体,具有强大、高效的内容优势。汇集环境领域的海量信息:新闻动态、热点关注、环境新闻、产业动 态、观点评述、市场分析、人物访谈、名企推荐、政策法规、行业标准、绿色生活、绿色消费、绿色家居、环保知识等,此外还提供电子杂志让您在网上品读原汁原 味的《环境》、《环保产业》……一网打开,应有尽有。 
  • 中国垃圾处理网


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